Envision is a ministry partnership within the Christian and Missionary Alliance that works in key urban environments. In the context of large communities both foreign and domestic, envision strengthens local churches through partnerships, short-term missions trips, and internships. So if God is pulling on your heart to serve in a cross cultural ministry or to receive more ministry training, Envision has opportunities for you.
Yearly Missions Conferences
Each fall we have a week-long event of what we call our “Annual Missions Conference.” The main goal of this week is to create an awareness of the work being done by Alliance “creative access workers” and Alliance missionaries throughout the world. Throughout the week we have the privilege to host a missionary or creative access worker from our district who is “home” for a sabbatical. While they are here they meet with various groups including men, women, youth, and kids. Other events throughout the week are for the whole family and are both informative and fun! For that week we focus on the particular country and area that that particular worker is from so that we have a better understanding of the life, people, and challenges they may be facing there.