Traveling during northern Minnesota winters can be hazardous and sometimes dangerous. We have children who walk to our events as well as adults who drive many miles to attend activities. Extreme weather will at times cause us to cancel our activities because we feel that traveling, particularly late at night, may be too dangerous due to extremely cold temperatures or slippery roads.
Every attempt will be made to cancel evening activities prior to the end of the school day so that we can notify the N-K school district before the children go home.
In general, if the N-K school district cancels evening activities we will cancel activities as well. At times we may cancel events even though the school district elects not to do so.
How can you find out if an event is canceled?
  • Call the church (218-885-3334) and follow the voice commands to listen to an announcement of cancellations.
  • Call the leader of the event.
  • Drive by the church. We will post notices on the front door.